How to Choose a Tent
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Choosing a tent can be one of the most important part of your holiday. The most important factor in buying a tent will be if the tent is waterproof or not? To confirm if this is the case the seams will be completely seam taped to prevent any water leakage.

You will have to consider the season you will be using the tent. Summer tents are lightweight and designed for hot humid weather; these tents have a lot of mesh for maximum ventilation. On the other hand winter tents are designed for harsher weather conditions, such as heavy rain and cold temperature.

The tent size is one of the main issues in choosing the right tent. How many people will be sleeping in the tent at one time? How big is your sleeping bag? How much room do you require? If you need the extra space choose a 3 man tent rather than a 2 man. Just remember that a tent is described as 2, 4, 6 or 8 man, this will allow space for that number of people but no personal gear.

Weight can also be a factor in choosing a tent, not so much if you are car camping but more so if you’re hiking. Hikers will benefit from lightweight tents this will also be a lot safer and easier on their back.

The durability of the tent will all determine e on the materials used. Fibreglass poles will offer more strength, however aluminum poles will offer lightweight. Polyester fabric will withstand a lot more intense UV rays compared the nylon tents. However the nylon tents are generally lighter.

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