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The credit crunch has hit many families and the option of going abroad can be out of the question. With an expected fantastic summer why not take advantage of the British beautiful countryside. Camping is one of the cheapest but fun holiday options for the UK. We can now offer you every type of tent you will ever need for this summer.

We now have a range of tents starting from 2 man up to 8 man so no matter how big your camping group are we have a tent for you. Tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have tents with 2 rooms and 3 rooms so you can have privacy in a tent. We are so proud of this selection of tents that we have put a one year guarantee on them.

There are two brands which we are focusing on; Confidence and Lichfield. Confidence is our brand and we have invested heavily into research and development to give only the best quality products to you. You get a lot more than you bargained for with Confidence. We have been selling tents for a number of years now and they are better than ever.

We are proudly stocking Lichfield tents who have been dedicated to family camping for over 130 years. Lichfield have a unique range with value for money features for fuss free comfortable camping. All of their products utilise proven components and fabrics. They combine to generate attractive, functional and exciting products which will appeal to the "leisure" and occasional camper.

We are focusing on giving you the easiest way to set up camp! We will not only be offering tents but sleeping bags, rucksacks, food and clothing. Do not miss out!

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