Camp in Medieval Times at Usk Castle
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Fancy a camping trip with a difference? How about one to the Middle Ages?

Usk Castle in South Wales will be doing exactly that after Monmouth Council agreed to allow a small path of land outside the castle walls to be converted into a 'glamping' site from the olden times.

Five medieval tents - 22ft by 13ft and 12ft 2in tall - each holding up to 22 people, would mimic a medieval encampment outside the venerable castle which dates back to 1120.

Despite the tents themselves striving for historical authenticity, campers who seek modern comforts needn't worry about pails of water for showers nor a hole in the ground for a loo - slightly anachronistic contemporary toilet block, showers and cooking areas are on offer for those staying the night.

Thomas Humphreys, son of Rosie and Henry Humphreys who own the castle, will run the project from April to September with the trial lasting for one year.

At the council meeting Cllr Debbie Blakebrough said: “I think it’s a really innovative enterprise that will attract tourists.”

So if you fancy a campsite with a difference, Usk Castle could be one to consider.

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