Camping makes people less stressed
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Recent research conducted by Liverpool John Moores University has found that a camping holiday makes people happier and less stressed than five star holidays.

The research found that 92% of campers in Scotland believed that camping could make you happier, and not just during the time they spent in a tent.

It also found that 68%of Scots who camped were satisfied with their quality of daily life compared to 60% of non-campers. 22% of campers felt stressed on a daily basis, compared with 31% of non-campers.

It seems that something transformational often happens when we camp that doesn't happen when we just go for a walk, a bike ride or a day out. A greater immersion in nature, which we get by being there at dusk to see or experience the sun setting and at dawn to see the sun rise, is something that differentiates camping from what others are saying about the benefits of doing other activities in nature," said Kaye Richards, who led the research.

So coupled with the fact that camping offers a relatively cheap holiday in these times of recession, it is little wonder that campsites have seen an increase in their bookings

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