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Records set on Mount Everest
Two records were set at the summit of Mount Everest on Monday. Bonita Norris has become the youngest female to reach the top and Kenton Cool, the expeditionleader broke his own British record by scaling the mountain for a remarkable eighth time. They were part of an epedition of 5 people and had... view

How to Choose a Tent
Choosing a tent can be one of the most important part of your holiday. The most important factor in buying a tent will be if the tent is waterproof or not? To confirm if this is the case the seams will be completely seam taped to prevent any water leakage. You will have to consider the season you... view

National Walking Weekend
The Ramblers Association are holding their annual Get Walking Day on 22ndand 23rd May. Although called Get Waling Day, the event takes place over the period of the weekend. The idea of the event is to encourage people to get out in the fresh air and try the sport of walking. The Ramblers associa... view

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