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Volcanic Ash is not a threat to camping
As the weather warms up and peoples thought are turning to camping, a concern has been raised over the health issue the volcanic ash may pose. The Health protection Agency has said that it is unlikely to cause any health risk, but those with conditions such as asthma should make sure they carry th... view

Lincoln Park Campsite a winner
Lincoln Park Campsite was announced in February of this year as the 2010 winner of the AA campsite of the year award. The award is split into 3 areas, England, Scotland and Ireland and Wales. Lincoln Park was the overall winner. The Scotland and Northern Ireland award was picked up by Ballyness C... view

British Weather Turning For Good
Finally the British weather has started to pull through and we are seeing our first glimmer of summer. With expected highs of 17 degrees this weekend its time to pull out those tents ready for fun. Campsites are expecting a hoard of campers ready for the sunny weekend. Now the weather has taken a... view

Popularity of Camping expected to rise this summer
With the country still in recession, the unpredictability  and hassle of air travel, and the weakened pound meaning that holidays to our favourite destinations are now far more expensive, thousands of British holiday makers are expected to take a “staycation” this year, making the most of the... view

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