Justin Bieber wants to go Glamping
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Camping has another celebrity fan in the unlikely form of Canadian teen heart-throb and pop star Justin Bieber.

18-year-old Bieber, famous for hits such as "Baby" and "Boyfriend", has expressed an afinity for the great outdoors, and in particular the concept of "glamorous camping", which has the teenager intrigued.

''I heard of this thing called Glamping.

''It's like glamorous camping. You heard of it? It's GLAM-ping.''

The idea of heading out to the wilderness but having the amenities and luxuries of home is one that Bieber deems to be "Cool".

He continued: ''You sleep on a bed. It's a mattress bed! In a huge tent with TV and everything. You have electricity and stuff but you're still in amongst the wildlife. It's pretty cool.''

Bieber has already expressed a few surprising hobbies in recent times with the news he had taken to the sanctuary of a golf simulator to relax and practice during his recent tour in Britain.

"Justin is mad on golf and has a brilliant swing. It focuses his mind," a source then reported.

"He's had a lot of madness surrounding him from fans since he landed in Britain, so he booked time at an indoor golf simulator yesterday to relax."

A lot more knowledgable about the sport than many might expect of the teen crooner, an interest that was no doubt furthered by his friendship with recently-minted U.S. Masters champion Bubba Watson.

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