Camping booms in popularity
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With virtually every household in the UK expected to be affected by the recent budget bought in by the new Government, everyone is looking to economise and camping is an easy way to do it.

With the onset of the forthcoming summer holidays and good weather predictions, campsites around the country are bracing themselves for a summer rush; in fact some are already at full capacity.

For less than the price of a week’s holiday, tents, sleeping bags and all other camping equipment can be bought.

It is a one off outlay, which means the camping equipment can be used time and time again, not just for main holidays, but for quick weekend getaways or even festivals.

If camping equipment is already owned, then the cost of a camping holiday can be really cheap. The only major outlays being the campsite, food and any executions you decide to take.

Campsites can be found from as little as £3.00 per night, but obviously offer the most basic of camping facilities.

Campsites offering better facilities are still offer great value for a family holiday though, and can make the camping experience a lot more pleasurable with the benefits of all kind of modern amenities.

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