How to Choose a Sleeping Bag
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How to choose a sleeping bag

The credit crunch has taken its toll on many people through out the country and more people are opting to camp. When camping it is essential to have the correct equipment for you.  Your whole trip can be determined by how you sleep and the correct sleeping bag is essential. have a large selection of sleeping bags available to help all budgets. However we have put a guide together to help you choose.

All sleeping bags have a temperature rating and they refer to the lowest temperature that the bag is suitable for. We would recommend that you add 10º to the lowest temp to make sure you have the right bag. Also it is best to take into consideration where you are going to be using this. Obviously there will be a huge difference between mountain climbing and sleeping on a friends floor.

There are two main insulations which you can choose from, down or synthetic. Synthetic has one main advantage and this is that they do not absorb moisture and do not lose the insulation factor when down becomes wet.  Synthetic bags are cheaper and weigh a little bit less.

The shape of your sleeping bag can be essential and decide how good of a night’s sleep you have.  Mummy, Rectangular and semi rectangular are generally the standard shapes. Mummy bags can be the warmest but they take most space up. Envelope sleeping bags are a lot more roomy and more comfortable.

We have a large selection of sleeping bags at the lowest prices that you will find on the net. Whether you are after a casual use one or something for back packing we have everything that you need. Contact our sales team and they can help advise you no matter what your budget is.

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