Why Go Camping?
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Why Go Camping?

With the way that the weather is in Britain it’s a wonder that anyone goes camping at all, but there’s something strangely satisfying about pitching your tent and being surrounded by nature and that’s why camping is so popular in Britain.

The newer designs for tents make it far easier to go camping and not have to struggle for hours trying to erect it. Tents are made easier and cheaper these days and are a lot tougher and can come with extra thick lining to keep you warm. Some tents merely pop up when taken out of the bag, requiring no set up at all.
There is something strangely alluring about pitching a tent and being surrounded by nature and all of that fresh air, obviously depending on where you pitch your tent of course.

There is also flexibility. Camping holidays are so flexible, a person could move destination every day if they desired. There’s no costly hotel booking, just travelling around the country and doing whatever you want in the day then just pulling up to the nearest campsite and pitching a tent.

There’s a practical benefit too for camping and that’s the costs. Some campsites can cost as little as £2 a day to stay the night in the UK. It’s one of the cheapest forms of holiday making you can get. A tent is a perfect base for you to do whatever activity you like such as cycling or hiking. Camping is extremely popular with over three million camping holidays taken by the British every year.

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