Records set on Mount Everest
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Two records were set at the summit of Mount Everest on Monday.

Bonita Norris has become the youngest female to reach the top and Kenton Cool, the expeditionleader broke his own British record by scaling the mountain for a remarkable eighth time.

They were part of an epedition of 5 people and had to overcome the risks of extreme altitude, frostbite, and hypothermia to climb to the peak which is 8,848 meters above sea level. Their attempt to scale the summit had to be put back by a day due to extreme weather.

The 22 year old media studies graduate from Wokingham reached the top early on Monday mornig.

Writing in her blog Ms Norris said

"On the morning og Monday 17th May 2010, along with the fantastic members of thee Dream Guides team, I managed to summit Mt.Everset. In doing so, I am proud to be the new holder of a British record:Youngest British Feamle to reach the Summit of Mount Everest"

In a message relayed from the summit Mr Cool said,

"To have summited once was mildly insane; to have summited for an eighth time is utter amdness. Why eight time?Why not?"

Ms Norris has raised money for Global Angels, an international charity that helps the cuases of children thorughout the world.

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