Campers hopeful for Wimbledon Tickets
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Hundreds of expectant tennis fans have spent the weekend camping out in their tents in the hope of securing tickets for the first day this year’s Wimbledon.

A tent city began appearing in Wimbledon Park, with campers hoping to secure one of the 500 centre court tickets that are available.

500 tickets are available to the public every day except the last four days of Wimbledon, for Centre and No.1 and No.2 courts, so each evening sees a fresh set of campers pitching their tents in the hope they will see some tennis action the next day.

After problems in years gone by with queue jumping, the camping is well organised. Each person is issued with a numbered ticket from the organisers which guarantee them a place in the queue in the morning.

Around 6.30am in the morning the stewards wake up the expectant fans and ask them to dismantle their camping equipment and make a smaller queue to make room for those who join the queue during the day

Most of the fans were hoping to catch a glimpse of British hopeful Andrew Murray today as he starts his 2011 Wimbledon campaign. To them a night spent sleeping in a tent is a small price to pay for this.

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