Children spending less time outdoors, says report
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Many will have fond memories of a childhood spent at the park, on camping holidays, having a kick about in a field or generally roaming around outside.

But a new survey has reported that children of the 00s spend just five hours a week outdoors compared to as much as 19 hours for generations of the 1970s and 80s.

Company JCB Kids, who carried out the survey, reported that the vast majority of kids would rather watch television or play a computer game.

With over 60% of parents seriously worried that their child did not get enough outdoors time, half that number relied on schools alone to provide their offspring with vital fresh air activities.

JCB Kids spokesman Sam Johnson said that this proliferation of technological toys are having a detrimental effect on today's children.

“Playing outdoors is so important for children – not only to help them stay active and healthy, but also to socialise with friends – and create those treasured childhood memories which we look back on so fondly.

“There are many distractions which divert kids’ attention from going outside, but as parents we need to encourage adventurous spirit and create imaginative, and of course safe, opportunities for them to get out there.

“Today’s children are spending a lot of time in front of the TV, playing on consoles and staring at computer screens.”

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