Rooftop camper raises money for kids to camp
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Canadian camping enthusiast Jason Paquette has gone to unusual lengths to raise money for charity, he's pitched his tent on the roof of his coffee shop.

“It’s awesome. The view is great,” he said. “There is an awful lot of people going by looking at me."

Paquette is aiming to raise CAD $2,000 (£1,240 approx) for the Tim Horton Children Foundation so that local children can go on their own, somewhat more scenic, camping expeditions this summer.

“If any person has been to camp, they understand what a life-changing thing it can be,” he said. “I was a camper once, I learned camaraderie and living your life positively.”

Paquette described the people who work at the Tim Hortons camps as “the best of the best.”

The charity pays for thousands of underprivileged children from across Canada and the United States to go on camping adventures each summer.

With only his tent, covered gazebo and sleeping bag for company, Paquette intends to stay on his roof from June 4 to June 6 and already the donations have been coming in.

“I think it’s amazing. It’s awesome,” said Tim Horton's employee Sue Nelson. “Customers are giving $5; some are giving $20.”

Of course the big question everyone asks is: 'What happens when he needs to use the bathroom?'

“I come down when nature calls,” Paquette said.

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