The rise of the "Campmuter"
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In a bid to avoid high London rents, some commuters are resorting to pitching their tents or parking their caravans during their working week.

Rent for a one bedroom flat in zones 2 or 3 in London can average out at about £250 a week, and with demand for rental houses outstripping supply, they are only set to rise. Camping and caravan sites offer a much cheaper option

Prices vary from site to site, but one of the more expensive ones is £122.50 a week including electricity, which is half the average London rent.

The existence of “campmuter” came to be when Philip Hanman, a benefit fraud investigator for a local council, earnt folk hero status during the expenses scandal when it came to light that his local MP in Cornwall owned a £300,000 taxpayer subsided house, while he stayed in a £30 tent.

Those staying in these campsites can be from any walk of life and employed in any type of industry: interns at Banks, London Taxi drivers, shop workers, IT consultants and contractors working on the 2010 Olympic site.

“I pay £400 a month here, but everything is included, such as electricity and water,” she says. “All my mates call me The Traveler' but I've got my own shower, toilet and kitchen, which is more than I'd get if I was renting a room. People who walk in are like, this is better than a studio flat'.” Said one “campmuter”

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