Police crack down on Loch Lomond camping
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A crackdown on anti-social behaviour in one of Scotland's most famous beauty spots is under way.

Operation Ironworks is a six-month police-led project to stop people misbehaving in Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

Last year, bylaws banning the drinking of alcohol in public and wild camping in the summer months were introduced.
This year will see high visibility patrols by officers on foot and in vehicles, with community police, road police and officers from the Dog Section to reassuring visitors and deterring troublemakers.

The water and islands of Loch Lomond will be patrolled by officers from Strathclyde Police Marine Unit, Central Scotland Police Underwater Search Unit and National Park Rangers.

Loch Earn will also see boat patrols by Central Scotland Police at key times. Officers from Central Scotland Police will also work closely with colleagues in Tayside in patrols around the shore of Loch Earn.

Central Scotland police said the changes had "made a huge difference" to the area. Chief Inspector Kevin Findlater, who leads the operation said: "This is the fifth year of Operation Ironworks and we are keen to build upon the success of previous years.

"Last year saw the introduction of bylaws on East Loch Lomond. One of these prohibits the public consumption of alcohol on a year round basis. The other bylaw restricts informal camping between March 1 to October 31.

"These bylaws, combined with significant improvements to infrastructure and the patrols by rangers supported by police officers made a huge difference to the area, with a marked reduction in anti-social behaviour. It was noticeable that many families returned to the area as they felt that it was a safer place to visit and enjoy."

Targeted high visibility patrols by officers on foot and in vehicles will be carried out at key times and locations. Community police, road police and officers from the Dog Section to reassure visitors and deter troublemakers.

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