Reading Rugby Club welcomes Olympic campers
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People visiting Berkshire for the London Olympics are being offered the chance to camp at Reading Rugby Club.

The sports ground is offering to house at least 100 pitches during the four-week Olympic and Paralympic period.

The club is based less than 10 miles from Eton Dorney where the rowing events will take place.

Chairman Craig Hunter said: "This is a great opportunity for raising funds for us to put straight back into developing rugby within our community."

"It will just be great fun to get the whole club involved in such a huge sporting event. Holme Park has a fantastic atmosphere and we are keen to share it with our visitors."

It is hoped the campsite will be an affordable options for thousands of volunteers and spectators.

Rhian Evans, from Camping Ninja, said: "Camping is a really sociable way to share the Olympic Games with other people who've got tickets or who are volunteers.

"It's nice to be in an open green space especially if you've got kids and a family."

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