Glasgow to open new urban campsites
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Glasgow may soon join other European cities by developing some of its green spaces as urban campsites Scotland’s Evening Times reports.

Plans are under way to create Glasgow’s first urban campsite to tap into what is seen as a growing market.

Edinburgh currently has two sites: one at Mortonhall on its south side, and a caravan club facility at Silverknowes. Both are booked out for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival.

The area around Glasgow offers few options, which include Strathclyde Country Park and Drymen.

Councillor Phil Greene, who is leading the proposals, said that despite the “odd and old-fashioned” image of the pursuit, camping has never been more popular.

Mr Greene, a keen camper for more than 40 years, said: “It seems strange every little village in France has a campsite and Scotland’s largest city doesn’t.

“In a few years we’ll have visitors from all over Europe at Glasgow 2014, hotels will be booked up and yet the best we can expect is for folk to head to Strathclyde Park or Loch Lomond.

“A campsite in the city boundaries would surely persuade people to stay in the city for a few days.

“We’ve also plenty of brownfield sites dotted around the city which could be utilised.

“We’re going to look around, pick about three locations and progress with what we see as a viable plan.”

Iain Duff, editor of Camping magazine, added: “Glasgow is not known as the Dear Green Place for nothing. There is plenty of space in and around the city that could easily be used for camping.”

A city council spokesman said: “While we have tended to see virtually no demand for leisure camping facilities in the city there is obviously an opportunity to bring this kind of proposal to committee and have it looked at in greater detail.”

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