Choosing the Right RuckSack
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Choosing the Right RuckSack

Choosing  the right backpack is essential to an enjoyable trip. Depending on which one you pick it will be your worst enemy or friend depending on which one you pick. are proud to announce that we are retailing rucksacks from Lichfield, one of the countries best camping manufacturers. We have a variety of bags available in different sizes. Before choosing a rucksak have some tpye of idea as to what is going  into your bag. Think about what has to go in but don't think too big or too small.

Lichfield backpacks can help you with everything you need for camping. The shoulder straps are wide and padded. This keeps the rucksack central and well balanced.

Some come with hip belts which can be eesential when hiking. It should be strong enough to bear the main pack weight, it should transfer the weight from your back to your hips. By having a hip belt it can reduce back strain when wearing the backpack for a long time.

It is essential to make sure there are enough pockets on the rucksack for everything you need. Lid pockets are useful for carrying items that need to accessible in a hurry. Mesh pockets are great for holding wet gear. Outer side pockets are handy for storing items that you want quick access to whilst travelling.

Durabiltity is important. You need to check for durable, waterproof/water resistant fabrics and tightly stitched seams which can offer. Particular attention must be paid to where the straps fix to the main body.

Lichfield offer good quality rucksacks which you know that you can rely on. All are available at a low price and with a speedy delivery.

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